Family Promise of Clear Creek offers a holistic solution to family homelessness and our rotational shelter model ensures the right fit for a family. Our families stay overnight at different congregation sites throughout their participation in the program.

Moving every week isn’t ideal, but most families say that the homelike setting and the support of volunteers more than compensate for the moving. While host congregations change every week, our day center remains the same, providing continuity and a home base for families as they look for housing and jobs.

Through all we do, we endeavor to keep families together and safe. Family Promise’s shelter model began as a grassroots, interfaith effort that has grown into 6,000 congregations and other organizations hosting families at a third of the traditional shelter cost.



Our program helps guests learn new habits and practices that leads them toward lasting independence. Volunteers from the educational and business communities around us help instruct our guests in different contexts and formats.

We provide financial education to our guests that helps them think differently about money so they can make productive decisions about their finances. Our instructors help our guests formulate budgets, understand APRs and credit card rates, and teach them how to avoid common financial missteps. In 2024, we anticipate partnering with Wellby Financial to provide this part of our program.

We also help our guests learn how to find jobs and keep jobs. Using curriculum developed by a local volunteer, Russ Merck, we teach guests how to find jobs they might like, how to write resumés, how to prepare for and execute a good interview, and how to be a good employee once they land a job.

Finally, we spend time preparing our guests to leave our program, by helping them learn how to be good tenants—wherever they may be living.  These skills are all part of our program which is designed to transform past habits and practices so our guests will flourish in the future.